Feet out. Head up. GO!!!

Hi – – –

Sorry meeting new people is always nerve wracking. Unless I’m drunk but we don’t really want to go into that do we…

Anyway I’m Katie and I’ve started a blog. It’s something I’ve wanted to do a while. Always sounded cool and hot shot: “Yeah I have a blog. I have loads of followers who rely on my posts to be entertained…” ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But after seeing a few of my friends start blogs I thought why not? What better way to dish out the musing and verbal diarrhoea that I often experience after a days’ worth of lectures.

Not gonna lie it’s a little weird. Writing this first post now, it feels like I’m introducing myself on a first date, but to a computer, with multiple people who I don’t know reading it (sounds a little online porn like). Maybe you should pretend that this is not a blog post. Let’s imagine that you are sitting opposite me in a coffee shop. I would be a curly brunette (up or down depending on how frizzy it was), in a jumper or top that you may recognise from a Zara advert, with many facial freckles and laugh lines, and since we’re in a coffee shop I would of course be having a latte, and a cookie because who doesn’t love cookies?

Anyway I will use this as a projection of wisdoms, rants, stories and whatever fizzle and drizzle I decide to come up with. It will be epic, ambitious, insightful and shan’t disappoint, and that is why you should accept me onto your English Literature course (sorry UCAS flashback).

See y’all soon

P. S They accepted me!!!!


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