Loud and long and clear

The other day I laughed for 5 minutes after remembering something my brother said ten years ago.

Anyway, hi.
So I’ve been told a few times that I have a weird sense of humour which I’ve accepted. When it comes to laughing, I’m usually the one who ends up descending into giggles until I can’t speak and everyone is left thinking “Who is this idiot?”

To make things clearer, here is a list of things that ALWAYS make me laugh:
• Posh insults
• The Inbetweeners
• Developed jokes in a group
• Chrissy Teigen’s twitter
• That’s what she said jokes (thank you Michael Scott)
• Amusing alliteration
• Pickup lines
• Impressions (good and bad)
• My mum’s expression when she tastes something disgusting
• Anything when I’m drunk
• My brother when we’re in childish moods
• Miranda Hart
• Very British Problems
• Very passionate rants
• People in trolley accidents
• Anything amusing that I think of which sometimes causes me to laugh before it’s out
• etc etc etc etc…

Ok so it’s easy to make me laugh. So I often feel like the guy in Mary Poppins who laughs so much he starts floating. So what? I love laughing. I feel most beautiful when I’m laughing. I would regularly go to those laughing therapy classes that they do in India. Wait, maybe they have them here. If not maybe I should start one. I wonder how much money I would make- never mind I’ll begin a business strategy later.

The point is, what is a better achievement than making someone laugh? It may not be the hardest thing to do, but nothing can compare to watching someone coughing on their laughs from your own handy work. Seriously when you next see someone, anyone at all, make them laugh! Watch their face light up if only for a second and be proud. On that note I’d like to thank every person who has ever made me laugh because there really is nothing better – except when you can’t breath and you’re still laughing so you can’t tell anyone that you could actually die in a minute.

And of course, always do things that make you laugh. Whether it’s sharing jokes and stories with your friends, binge watching The Office or pushing someone down the stairs. If it makes you laugh then do it! (Ok don’t actually push someone down the stairs, unless they were being really really annoying).

I shall end today’s post by revealing what it was that my brother said ten years ago that made me laugh for five minutes, back when he was 6 and I was 9. Basically I took one of his toys, and after grabbing it off me he said in a very serious voice “It’s my toy and I’ll do what I want with it!” Ok I know it doesn’t sound so funny now, but you should have been there he was so small and acting so macho and I just can’t… oh there we go I’ve been set off again.

See yas
P. S Just so you know, I don’t mean that pickup lines actually work on me. They may be funny but usually they’re followed with “Ok bye” Katie has gone offline


11 thoughts on “Loud and long and clear

  1. This post made me smile so much and made me think about the little stories and inside jokes which give me the giggles. Such a mood-booster, thank you for this lovely post!

    Siobhán xx

    Liked by 1 person

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