Soundtracks For The Soul

Today’s delightful slice of blog loaf is flavoured with a little thing called music. I think we can agree it’s the most popular thing in the world. Something that causes me to lose chunks of money when new albums come out. What keeps me in the car for an extra minute to finish a song on the radio, and awake till the early hours of the morning with “calm” or “relaxing” Spotify playlists. What replays over and over in my head until I hate it. What makes me all kinds of happy. You’re all thinking the same thing. What would we do without music?

But lately I realised something which happened a few times whenever I met new people and they’d say “So what music do you like?” Well… and then I found that I was holding back. I would choose not to reveal certain artists, almost like I was embarrassed to admit that I liked them. Not because I thought they were bad, but because of what other people had said when I told them I liked them. Those who take their dislike a little bit further with “My God why do you like them?” “They’re so shit!” “They’re not real music.” Oh come on what is “real music”? What right does anyone have to judge what real music is? Music’s meant to be about expression of one’s self and using their talent to create something. So maybe there’s only one specific genre of music you like, but real music? Have you heard Kanye’s latest album?

So who are all these people? Let’s start with the basics: Justin Bieber. I think he’s an incredible artist. I’m not as keen on his early music – I’ll admit the very first time I heard him I was convinced he was a girl, and when he introduced it with “What’s up guys this is Justin Bieber” I was like “But that’s a boy’s name. How does that work?” But his album Purpose was extraordinary. Some of those songs were meant to be felt instead of heard, and after completely shedding those 15 year old vocals he has a voice to get lost in.

Who else? Oh yes, The 1975. I fricken LOVE them!! I mean, The Sound can turn anywhere into a dance floor, if my life was a movie I would use This Must Be My Dream in the opening, and as someone who would gladly spend all her money on neon lights, these guys have me left in awe. Yes there was a time I wouldn’t reveal my outright love for them straight away, but when you’re caught up in a song for hours, you don’t seem to care what others think.

The point is don’t be embarrassed or ashamed by your favourite artists, and don’t make other people feel like that. Fair enough if there’s music you don’t like, there’s plenty that I don’t like, but someone who does like it obviously sees and hears it differently. To you it may be an annoying noise on the radio, but to them it’s something they remember. Something they get caught up in and replay in their head when they’re nervous. Perhaps it’s the lyrics that you’re transfixed by, reflecting some of the colourful features of your own mindset. Or maybe it’s the sound that makes you dance ridiculously or sing along, or fills you up whilst you’re daydreaming through the window on a train and just want to be away from everything for a few moments.

Be proud of who you love. From Taylor Swift to Twenty-One Pilots, Snoop Dog to Stevie Wonder, Mozart to M83. Now if you’ll excuse me as I listen to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom for the hundredth time.

Laters x


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