Hey it’s Wednesday. You know what that means?


So Wednesday wisdom: If you don’t like your voice, which I don’t, just record everything you say behind one of snapchat’s voice changers because suddenly everything you say sounds cute.

Ok I have had a song stuck in my head all day. I don’t know about you but this happens to me a lot, but usually it’s a nice thing that makes me want to listen to the song over and over until I know all the lyrics. Only occasionally is it in my head to painful extents that make me want to punch something. I remember when this happened before, one time it was “If you seek Amy” by Britney Spears. Another time it was “Silver Tongue” by Young The Giant (that’s a great song to be fair). Today’s song is the Sesame Street theme *sarcastic smile*. I mean how did that even happen? I didn’t even watch Sesame Street! I was much more of a Tweenies person. I don’t know, but the lesson to learn is that if you ever feel like re watching childhood shows and letting the nostalgia hit you in the face, do so with caution. You could find a song that’s kinda catchy, so catchy that you keep singing it, until the only thing you want to know all day is HOW DO YOU GET TO GOD DAMN SESAME STREET!!!

If you’re having a bad hair day then wear a hat. Or have a shower.

Wisdom and knowledge are different. Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruit. Wisdom is not putting them in a fruit salad.

If you are someone who likes to wear lipstick and enjoys the occasional (or regular) coffee to warm away the winter chills, you will know the struggles of smudging. Being handed your fresh beverage, taking a sip through the little coffee hole and OH NO! Your lipstick shade of sandwash pink has been smudged all over the cup. Luckily I have the solution. Take a straw with you or get one from the shop. Just stick it through the coffee hole and slurp up, leaving you refreshed and fulfilled from the drink and your lipstick untouched.

A fridge is only a fridge with food in it. A home is only a home with wifi in it. A jewellery box is only a jewellery box with your hidden stash of snacks in it.

BOOM Wednesday Wisdom!


17 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WISDOM

  1. Love this made me laugh “Wisdom and knowledge are different. Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruit. Wisdom is not putting them in a fruit salad.” Your posts are soo witty and love it I’m gonna have a look at the rest keep it up girl


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