Hello Wednesday. I don’t mean Addams, I mean it’s Wednesday Wisdom and I’m listening to The Bangles…

Ok here we go: Being really cold is better than being really hot. When you’re cold you feel like chilled peas but when you’re hot you feel like a roasting fajita. Don’t know about you but I’d rather be the peas.

Control your dreams. Not your ambitions but the weird pictures you see when you’re asleep, because they can mess with you. Basically my mum texted me saying I’d got a letter which looked like an invitation and whether she should send it to me. Then later that night I had a dream that I’d been invited to the biggest party in the world. Literally everyone famous ever was going to be there and I was so excited. But whilst I was trying on a gold Cleopatra costume for the party, I woke up and realised it was all a dream and I was like “Dammit now I’ll never meet David Attenborough.” What I’d forgotten was that the invitation was actually real, so when it arrived I was so confused with what was a dream and what was real. It messed me up more than finding out that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. (As for the invitation, it turned out to be a bank statement in a very fancy envelope).

Do not wear a flowy mini skirt on a windy day, unless you want the person behind you to get a full view of your underpants.

The smaller your room the easier it is to keep tidy. Here’s the thing, my room at home is quite big and it needs to be to hold all the unnecessary stuff I own: MESSY. My first-year room, smaller but still big enough for me to do a star fish shape on the floor: MESSY. My new room, much smaller with a single file path from the end of my bed to my desk in the corner: TIDY. I guess if you have less space you have less stuff and therefore less clutter. Remember that next time you argue about having a smaller room.

If you think of a good joke but there’s no one there, write it down and use it later. Somehow I’m always really funny when I’m alone.

If ever you’re feeling down and have doubts about yourself, just remember this: the probability of your existence being created was about 1 in 400 trillion. Now that’s a lot, so you must be pretty special.

Have a happy Wednesday x


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