The World Weird Web

I remember watching a video of a guy cycling past an Apple store and yelling “Don’t buy IPads! Take your kids outside!” On some level I understand him, shaking my head at the deranged, automatic, break down and rechargeable world of technology that has grown into our systems. However saying that, whenever the wifi goes off I feel like the conference people in season 3 episode 4 of The IT Crowd (If you don’t know what I mean, go watch! You will fall off your chair!)

Anyway I’ve done a lot of thinking (and Googling but my computer was right there) and have come up with some main pros and cons of the internet.


  • You can stay connected to everyone easily.
  • Everything is much faster and efficient (except when the wifi goes down, damn you BT).
  • It brings access to absolutely anything. Finally it’s very easy to answer all those questions that had me wondering, like what’s the rarest colour? How tall is Jesus? Who invented the middle finger?
  • The invention of the internet brought the invention of memes! Come on how great are memes!
  • And of course it eventually led to blogs, which eventually led to this blog.


  • It’s making us very dependent upon it; just watch a group of people proudly raise their phones to the ceiling whilst experiencing poor connection.
  • It can be used for illegal activity hence the dark web, the darknet, the deep web, the deep dark South web thingy.
  • It brings access to absolutely anything. Yep that one made both lists.
  • It’s a dangerous holder for personal information. I’ll always remember the dude in Massachusetts who used my card details to spend $14.75 at Foodworks (I will find you!)
  • It causes us to become emotionally attached to metal rectangles which has been proved to be worrying, especially to kids with it all blaring in their faces.

Anyway I’m aware I’m sounding like an internet safety assembly, but I hope it has ironed out the seesaw features of the web.

On another note, IT’S DECEMBER 1ST!!!! Everyday from here is going to be Christmas songs, reruns of Elf and frantic shopping all finished up with mince pies and hot chocolate. Bring on the festivities!!

Laters x

P.S for anyone interested, ultramarine blue is said to be the rarest colour, Jesus is 5ft 1, and it was Aristophanes (the Adam Sandler of ancient Greece) who invented the middle finger. What a man.


53 thoughts on “The World Weird Web

  1. You made some really good points! I completely agree with both sides. I definitely prefer to think more about the positives however there’s no denying that there are some downsides to having the internet. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it!

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  2. Happy 1st December!! Ahhhh I’m so excited! I agreed with so much of this! I wish we weren’t as technology dependent as we are but at the same time I can’t ween myself off of my devices. It’s a tough one haha
    Jas xx


  3. The internet definitely has it’s bad and good sides, but I truly believe that parents should try as much as they can to not let their kids become addicted to the internet at such a young age, it’s honestly so sad! Great post! 💕

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  4. Great post! I definitely agree that there are good and bad things about the internet. I guess there is good and bad in everything though, we have to choose to focus on the good. Happy Blogmas / Christmas!

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  5. Haha, that middle finger fact was definitely informative XD Loved the post! It’s true technology is taking over the world but I feel like everyone’s has gotten too deep into it and it’s almost a necessity…even when it shouldn’t be. Then again, we’re bloggers so technology is basically an important part of our life 😀

    Also, just nominated you for the mystery blogger award ❤

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  6. Someone stole my credit card # once too. The sad thing was they tried to use it at the Dollar Tree. And the even sadder part is that my credit card was maxed. So HA! I still had to cancel the card, but imagine! “Hmmm… I’ve stolen a credit card… where will I go first to spend all the money. Oh, I know! The Dollar Tree!” Hahahhahaha.

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  7. Hi, great post I totally agree with your points there are some great things and so many of us are reliant on it. Likewise it’s important to highlight the bad sides ther are so important media campaigns at the amount around children and how to protect them where possible online.

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    I totally agree. No point in not keeping up with the times! …in moderation… outside is also important, but pretending the internet doesn’t exist is silly. We’re not going back to the horse and buggy, are we?

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