Huh it’s Wednesday, feel like there’s something I’m meant to do…..

Oh Yeah!!! It’s Wednesday Wisdom!!!!!

So todays Wednesday wisdom: If you want to be an astronaut, don’t watch Gravity. If you want to go scuba diving, don’t watch The Reef. If you want to eat fortune cookies, don’t watch Freaky Friday.

Slippers have become a must have. I didn’t used to be a fan of slippers, thought they were unnecessary and that your feet deserved to be free as often as possible. But Oh My God check out these bad boys. There is nothing better than putting on a massive pair of tiger slippers and stomping around the house.


You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. For instance if you see someone walking down the road in flippers at 8am, you can tell they’ve had a crazy night.

Do not underestimate people because they can outsmart you. Here’s an example: when the British invaded India they had a problem with snakes. There was just so many of them it was out of control, so they agreed to pay anyone who killed a snake and brought it in. Eventually people started breeding snakes to get paid for them, and when the British found this out they stopped. They ended up with more snakes than to begin with. This is kinda funny, but the moral of the story is when you have to do something do it yourself, because other’s will just use it to make money.

Always have a steady hand when salting your food. One little slip and your sweetcorn will taste like it’s been drained in sea water.

Unless you know the brand, don’t buy perfume from a charity shop. If it was good they would have kept it.

BOOM Wednesday Wisdom!


27 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WISDOM

  1. The best discovery I ever made was slippers with a real rubber bottom, like shoes. Then I can wear them to take the garbage out, check the mail, take the pups out in the backyard, etc without worrying because they are fine to wear outside too! Unlike shoes, I just clean them regularly lol
    Britt |

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