The Best Christmas Adverts

Ok people. Christmas is in TEN days. I’ve got loads of actual work to do but that will have to wait because right now I have presents to wrap and mulled wine to make. Plus I’ve spent hours searching through the TV guide to see what festive movies they’re showing. Also there’s been snow! I thought the days using snow as an excuse to play outside or stay in with a hot chocolate were gone.

Anyway I’ve just realised that Christmas is TEN days away and I haven’t even done a Christmas post yet. Anyways here is one on the new glittering features of the festive season which is of course, the Christmas adverts.

Every year it’s more of a “I’m better than you” situation between the shops. This year I loved many, some not as much as other years, which prompted me to think of what really are my favourite Christmas adverts ever. I took me ages to find them all, and when I did I couldn’t put them best to worst, so let’s just say they’re on equal ground in my golden top ten.

  1. Debenhams, 2012


Such beautiful picture and music in this advert (I still want that red coat!) This is how I feel when all the lights come on and the shops put their new glittering party wear in store, mixed with sadness because it’s usually too expensive to buy.

  1. John Lewis, 2014


Ok I know John Lewis have so many amazing adverts, but I have to choose the penguin one. I could not handle how cute it was, and at the end when he gets another penguin and they turn out to be toys and I just… oh no spilt my tea. After watching it I suddenly felt that I needed to have a small penguin of my own and even asked my mum if we could get one, think you know how that went.

  1. Waitrose, 2016


How can you not love this one when it’s got a little robin in it? He’s going home and at the end he gets a mince pie! Honestly that robin stood against so much bad weather and I usually decide not to leave the house if it’s raining. Maybe I should aspire to be more like him.

  1. House of Fraser, 2015


I was obsessed with this advert. I literally went shopping there just because of the advert. The choreography at the dinner table was amazing, and I bet when this was shown, all the clothing retailers sat up on their seats and began planning how to up their game for next year.

  1. British Gas, 2015


Ok I think the idea by now is that if you want me to like an advert, just stick a really cute bird in it. I fell in love with the music in this advert, which is how I finally got to watch Edward Scissorhands. I will always love British Gas not only for their heating, but for the lovely penguin toy they sent me just because I said nice things about them on Twitter.

  1. John Lewis, 2011


In my view, it was this advert that set the bar high for John Lewis. Just a simple idea of a boy waiting and waiting for Christmas, and when it finally comes he goes and gives his parents a present *starts tearing up*. It really reaffirms the fact that giving presents feels just as amazing as getting them, if not better.

  1. M&S, 2014


At the time I loved the idea of fairies flying around and covering everything with glitter, and this year they really did make it snow. This was such a classy advert that really presented M&S for all the gorgeous Christmas stuff they sell.

  1. Coca Cola, 2014


Because I love coca cola and I love this song. It really emphasises all the little and big things you can do for other people at Christmas, and in the end all I want is for everyone to be happy. If a coke is what you need that’s great because we have loads cooling in the fridge.

  1. M&S, 2017


To my favourite advert for this year, because I love Paddington Bear to the ends of the earth (go see the new movie because it is one of the best things ever made!) Despite the few complaints over some misheard words, I’m sure everyone loved watching a little bear delivering presents.

  1. Burberry x Harrods, 2016


This advert was just so different and more magical than all the others, with their piece “A Very British Fairy Tale” that I absolutely loved. I mean there’s no way I can shop at Burberry at the moment, but I always love to appreciate a British approach to something which this definitely delivered.

So there you have my 10 favourite Christmas adverts, even though there are many more that I love that are close behind. What are your favourites?

Now that’s done it’s back to organising the wrapping draw, and praying that my amazon orders arrive on time.

Katie x

P.S in regards to my order because I wrote this a week ago, it arrived an hour later. They’re doing it well this Christmas.


25 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Adverts

  1. The John Lewis Christmas advert last year has got to be my number one favourite of all time, i just can’t cope with the animals jumping on the trampoline it is toooo cute!! xx

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  2. What a list! I’ve never seen a few of them, but my absolutely favourite is the one with the two bears that go home for Christmas! I think it was from a couple of years ago, but it never fails to bring tears to my eyes!

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  3. As a marketing obsessed person, this post speaks to me on another level! I love (and agree with) all of your picks….in all honesty, I’m kind of disappointed by this year’s christmas adverts but I think with all the attention we’ve put on em they were sadly doomed to fail a little xxx

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