Christmas Wednesday Wisdom

Yep I know it’s Wednesday and it’s also 5 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! It seems only yesterday I was annoying people by playing Christmas songs two months early. Anyway, here is Christmas Wednesday Wisdom

So this year we were blessed with snow! For me it was both a blessing and a curse; a blessing as it was a perfect excuse to stay in and watch movies instead of attending the final lectures, and curse for cancelling a pub lunch that I had been waiting for all week. The snow’s been a bit on and off, but it could easily come back and it’s important to be prepared for such an event. In my view there are three things you need; first is a shovel in case your car gets stuck. Second is lots and lots of food, because with all the icy roads just going to the convenient shop can be a risk. And thirdly, lots of snow can start up a snow ball fight between the locals, so try to take a bat or tennis racket with you. They are perfect for whacking the snow balls back at people, and I have had balls of ice thrown in my face before and it’s not the nicest thing.

When it comes to decorating there’s never too much tinsel, just not enough space.

If you didn’t start shopping earlier in the month, at least start earlier in the day. I had done most of mine online, but still had to post off some things and went to the post office at 12 like an idiot. The queue was so long, everyone was stressed clutching their parcels “I need a fragile sticker on mine” “This has to arrive in less than two weeks” “I need 4 European stamps and seven international stamps all first class!” It’s times like this when I’d prefer to just do an email, but there is nothing better than receiving a physical paper card.

Always be careful when securing your tree. Make sure it has a thick trunk and trim the bottom for any excess branches so it stays nice and secure. If I sound like an expert then it’s only from experience, and believe me you do NOT want the tree to randomly fall causing havoc all over the living room.

The best way to make any drink Christmassy is to mull it.

Even when you’re stressed, your bank account is low from gathering gifts, the shops are hell on earth and you can’t possibly agree on the kind of turkey to get, the only thing you can do is soak it all up and enjoy it. It’s all part of Christmas, and after this we’ve got to wait a whole other year so we might as well make it the best one yet.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas spent decking the halls and rocking around the Christmas tree and hearing sleigh bells ringing and jingle bell swing and a choir of children who sing their song and have practised all year long with mince pies mistletoe and wine and SANTA OH MY GOD and let it snow let it snow let it snow a partridge in a pear tree.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Wednesday Wisdom

  1. A very merry Christmas to you, Katie! I definitely agree on the last point that no matter what’s going downhill or what’s not working according to the plan, it’s best to just soak it up because that’s what holidays are all about, especially festivals like Christmas ❤ ❤

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