2017 That’s a wrap

Well what do you know. In two days we’ll be in another whole year. Another set of calendars and portable diaries, all kicking off with evenings of too much champagne, met the following morning with hangovers and lists of extravagant resolutions that deep down we know will not be happening. For me 2017 was a whisked and blended serving of awesome, weird, cool, new hair styles, stress a lot of stress and an aftertaste of sadness, but overall pretty amazing. I always try to make the year amazing no matter what happens.

Now what were some of the things that happened? Well let me start with two words: Bake Off. Never have I yelled so loudly at a tv screen, that including the Olympics and the US Election. What else, well the fidget spinner was an interesting element, same goes for Cash Me Outside and a strawberry related incident in Australia. It also brought open for a surprise on twitter, Beyoncé’s twins, and politicians crying their eyes out after the temporary silencing of a massive clock.

Anyway Coco’s Tea Party created a list of quick fire round highlights of the year which I thought I’d use as well. Here we have them:

Personal Highlight of 2017:

Living in a house for the first time. Deposits and meter readings are a nightmare but it’s all worth it.

Professional highlight of 2017:

Starting this blog. If you want or are thinking about doing one, just do it they’re so fun.

Favourite travel experience in 2017:

I have two. 1. Going to Spain in the summer with my friends and going to the Benicassim festival, it was unbelievable. 2. Going to Vietnam with my family which is so beautiful and so different and there’s just something to do everywhere you go it’s amazing. The roads are hell on earth but it’s still amazing.

Album I played on repeat in 2017:

Badlands by Halsey

The TV show I loved binge-watching in 2017:

Full House and That 70’s Show so basically one classic sitcom after another.

The best book I read in 2017:

It’s between Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell which is so beautifully written and My Life Story Sofa So Good by Scarlett Moffatt that made me laugh non-stop.

Favourite fashion moment of 2017:

My Topshop light blue thin coat. It’s literally one of my favourite things ever.

Most surreal moment of 2017:

One that I do remember is watching Liam Gallagher at the festival in his rain coat and dark glasses. He sang a lot of his new stuff so I didn’t know most of it, but right at the end he came out with one guy holding a guitar and sang Wonder Wall. For two minutes me and a thousand other people sang along under the fading sun of the evening, whilst wearing an itchy mesh top and aching feet and my breath completely taken away (Liam must be sick to death of that song but he’s made tones from money from it so he can’t really complain).

My favourite restaurant of 2017:

Wahaca is a Mexican restaurant that is literally incredible. It has brought back my love of tacos, and I even ended up going today.

Favourite fitness class of 2017:

Zumba. There is nothing more motivating than an over excited dance teacher yelling at everyone to smile more.

My wishes for 2018:

I’m going to try and work harder at uni and make better use of the support that I’m given. I also have a more specific resolution because last year it was to listen to more classical music which I did, and now I can’t imagine doing work without a few blasts of Mozart. This year it’s to listen to more podcasts and read more columns and magazines, so let’s hope my phone credit lasts through all the train journeys I’ll be taking.

Anyway I hope you enjoy your final days of 2017 and are looking forward for the new year. Don’t worry it’s gonna be a ball I just know it.

Katie x


22 thoughts on “2017 That’s a wrap

  1. Oh my! You saw Liam do Wonderwall, I bet that was incredible! I saw Noel sing it at a festival last year along with other Oasis classics and it was such a memorable night! 💕 I also went to Wacacha a few months ago and love their Mexican food! I just wish they did bigger portions he he 😝. This is such a brilliant post Katie! I hope 2018 is another fabulous year for you and your blog! 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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