Going to a concert by myself

Last October I saw Banks and it was incredible. My feet hurt like hell and I was so hungry, but when she came out I never wanted it to end. For those who don’t know Banks she’s an American singer of alternative R&B and Electropop and one of my favourites. When I saw she was performing in Birmingham I got tickets straight away without even thinking how much money I had left. It was then that I made the decision to go by myself, given that everyone I knew hadn’t heard of her and I had no idea how long the tickets would last.

So what were the bad things about going alone? Well waiting outside was more boring as I had no one to talk to, and getting lost trying to find the O2 Institute was more stressful being by myself. It was when I got inside did I start to see the benefits. It easier to weave my way closer to the front, and because I was standing it wasn’t obvious that I was on my own and it seemed to give me a sense of freedom. When the performance started everything was perfect. I didn’t have to think about anything else because my complete focus was on the artist. The following hour was spent watching her haunting dance moves, belting out lyrics I knew and yelling with my arms outstretched whenever she came to my side of the stage. Watching the performance was exactly the same if not better than if I was with people, because either way I felt an invisible unity with the rest of the crowd from watching her. The best moment had to be at the end when she left and two minutes later she came back to perform her new single which I was not expecting.

However when it was over I did wish that I was with someone. I was filled with that indescribable buzz that you get when you’ve just seen a concert, like I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing Banks was and I just wanted to talk about it to someone and share it. Instead I sat on the train listening to songs that she’d performed, trying not to alarm the man next to me with my massive smile. By the time I got home all my house mates were asleep, so I continued to listen to her songs whilst eating an enormous slice of cake.

Overall I think I’d prefer to go with someone, although I would definitely be up to do it again given a similar situation. So to anyone considering going alone to a concert, it is definitely worth trying. If you don’t enjoy it that’s fine, but at the end of the day it’s still a concert which is guaranteed to be amazing.

Until next time x

P . S Listen to Bank’s new single “Underdog” it’s so cool.


51 thoughts on “Going to a concert by myself

  1. I’ve never been to a concert myself but it sounds like you had a wonderful night! I like that you went alone, I like doing things by myself as well because there’s just this feeling I get when I do so. Although I do agree that sometimes you just need someone with you to share the excitement with. Great post!

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  2. yeah i think going to a concert or a gig with someone will always be better, you will always feel more comfortable, well i know i would anyway but that is amazing that you went by yourself because i would be so scared to!! reading this has actually made me think “oh maybe going by myself won’t be so bad” so thanks for that!! x

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  3. Oh wow 😮 😱 I’m so jelly I Banks so much! Her voice is has such a deep but light tone idk how to describe it. I think that was mighty brave of you, I’ve never been to a concert by myself. And that rush is amazing and blissful after!

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

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  4. I think I’d like to go alone at some point, it is REALLY boring when you’re waiting outside and I’d 100% call a friend and MAKE them listen to me when it was over but I think I’d enjoy the experience. I booked my Glastonbury ticket one year without having anyone to go with. Turns out a friend also had booked solo so we ended up going together but THAT could have been interesting! x


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  5. I can completely relate to your blog! 🙌🏻I’ve been in same situation before!

    I’ve been to lots of gigs/concerts on my own, similar reason to you, people hadn’t heard of the music artist or didn’t like that genre of music! There was a few times I invited friends and it felt like they were just too polite to say no, and you could tell that weren’t enjoying the music. That then made me decide to go to concerts/gigs on my own! It was one of bravest decisions I’ve done, so honestly Katie, be proud of yourself for going on your own!

    From my own experience, the more you go, the less awkward and scary it will feel! Often going on your own, can help you to enjoy and appreciate the music, and your opinions aren’t influenced on other people experience! There is nothing worse, than enjoying a gig and someone else not enjoying it and saying lots of negative things about it! You don’t want that to influence your experience!

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    1. Thank you this is the best response to this post. Most people say they’d be too scared to try it but I think more would enjoy it if they just got round to trying it. Hope you get to enjoy more performances soon x

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