Monday oneday, Tuesday twoday, Wednesday when huh what day? Sorry i’ve watching too much Friends lately. Anyway here’s Wednesday Wisdom!!!

Ok let’s kick this off: if you ever meet someone new and things are a little awkward to begin with, here’s a great ice breaker: “So that jaffa cake biscuit or cake debate was a bit of a shamble wasn’t it?”

Always be aware of the shop you’re looking in. One time I decided to check out this independent shop down the street from where I lived, after continuously eyeing up the orange thigh boots on display. When I went in there was no one else except the shop assistant who was watching me over her magazine on the desk as I browsed over some dresses. I then took a look at this flashy denim jacket, selling at the bargain price of £150. Oh dammit. I had to get out of there, which isn’t easy in a tiny shop with only you in there. Luckily the shop assistant went into the room at the back, at which point I ran for the door, but just as I was leaving she reappeared and said “Goodbye”, in a nice but why are you leaving so suddenly tone. I’m not sure I even replied, just took off down the street and haven’t set foot in the shop since.

Don’t drink fruit shoot in a cinema. The loud squirt noise made whenever you drink it will cause many people to turn around at you and angrily hold their fingers over their lips.

Never underestimate your abilities. About a year ago I bought a McDonald’s 20 chicken nuggets share box with the intention of saving loads for later, and in the space of 10 minutes I ate them all. Thus began my regular order.

Don’t pick at your fingers, or you’ll have to wear the gloves of shame.

It’s impossible for there to be “The world’s best cup of coffee” because there are hundreds of different ways to have coffee. We’ll never agree on a favourite because we all like it a certain way. It doesn’t matter if you have it hot, cold, expresso, decaf, with dollops of cream or tea instead. What matters is that it makes you happy. That it’s the best cup for you.

BOOM! Have a great Wednesday x


23 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WISDOM

  1. “Always be aware of the shop you’re looking in.” – YES OMG YES. Never related to something this much before. This happens to me all the time and most people would probably be like all “fuck it” and walk out but I don’t want to be rude so I always kind of sneak out if it’s a smaller shop which can be really challenging sometimes.

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  2. Loool I always enjoy your Wednesday Wisdom posts! They’re a great mix of humor and wisdom. I totally get that coffees shop bit 😩 it’s so annoying when that happens. I also love your “Boom” ending like bam how you like me now kind of vibe lol. Lovely post! 💕

    xx Lena |

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