Hi you’ve reached Wednesday Wisdom, available for all matter of Wednesday and wisdom related services. Maybe I should go into customer services?

Anyway lets go: are there some people who are just immune to cold? Throughout December and January with it being as low as -1, there is someone living in the house opposite me who always has their window open. I mean how? How are they doing this?

Pot noodles are amazing. They’ve always seemed to have had a bad reputation as DofE food, which is probably why I’d never bought them before. Well I’d got some free from work one time so I thought I’d try them, like even if it tastes bad it that’s understandable as it’s made with just some boiling water and a couple of stirs. I poured, stirred, waited, stirred again, and served up into a bowl, and OH MY GOD. They are unbelievably good. Like they are decent noodles with great flavour, if I had served them in a restaurant I’d have loved it and recommended it to people as a place that does great noodles. It’s not just that they taste amazing, but they take four minutes to make with just a cup of hot water and a spoon. Forget all those fancy noodle and rice makers I’m sticking with pot noodles. This must be what the person who invented the microwave felt like.

Always switch your hairdryer off before you unplug it, or the next time you plug it in you’ll get an unexpected blast of noise that will send you flying off your seat.

Fake plants are the way to go. I have a very nice fake plant, Gwendoline to be more specific, and until I tell people that she’s not real they have no idea. I mean she’s so much easier to handle, no feeding or watering and I won’t come home to find her shrivelled up and dead. Yes fake plants don’t give off an aroma like real ones, but if that’s what you want then buy and air freshener.

Ok teeth are so underestimated. They do so much more work that all your other bones, I mean other bones are under layers of skin and muscles, but your teeth are just there. They have to literally touch everything you eat and considering how much I eat they are doing a very fine job.

If you decide to wear a bodysuit, tights and skirt one day, please try to go to the toilet first.

Happy Wednesday thanks for calling x





27 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WISDOM

  1. Love this! The hairdryer thing always happens to me cause sometimes the switch gets knocked to ‘on’ while it’s in my drawer and it scares the life out of me! I also understand the struggle of the tights and bodysuit situation, I hate just having to try and refasten a bodysuit without all the rest of it! This post was great, really made me laugh!

    Jess xx

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  2. You know, I used to be anti fake plants but real plants always die.. so maybe if I find a real looking fake I might try it. And then the cold, I NEED IT TO BE OVER. It ruins my mood, ha. I love spring and I can’t wait for it to be here!

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  3. Lol your Wednesday Wisdom posts always crack me up :’) But that blow dryer thing is def one to remember! Lol honestly, fake plants are being made so good now that its soooo hard to tell the difference. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 🙂 ❤

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