Happy Wednesday Wisdom everyone! And also Happy Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating it or not, I personally find that any celebration that involves lots of chocolate on Aldi discount should be embraced with open arms, or mouths as I find.

Any way Wednesday Wisdom: Sometimes you’ve got to do bad things to avoid doing even more bad things. The smell of milk that’s gone off is so disgusting I can’t talk about it without squirming, but sometimes you’ve gotta do it because the only thing worse is the taste of milk that’s gone off.

Before you skip a song on your playlist, remember you added it for a reason.

Now when it comes to going to the cinema, even if you’re in a rush, always ALWAYS make sure you’re going in the right screen. If not you could find yourself bursting in at the last five minutes of Early Man, running up and down trying to find your row and making an old couple at the back very irritated, and not that I was going to see it anyway but the ending had been spoilt for me. On a separate note go and see The Greatest Showman! It will have you hooked right from the first second and leave you dancing round your room for days later with the soundtrack on full volume.

It is acceptable to do anything on a Sunday, and by anything I mean nothing at all. Literally Sunday is a gift when you have nothing to do accept lounge in bed with tv and snacks in your dressing gown and massive slippers on. I spend the whole week waiting for Sunday and when it comes it goes so soon.

Ok I saw this trend called the “Polish Mountain” where people layered their nails with a hundred coats of polish, and my first thought is What has the beauty world come to? Like that is such a waste of polish all of them are going to be hidden and unappreciated, not to mention how weird it must be to wear large blobs of polish all the time.

Replace your hairbrush every few years. I’ve had mine for about ten years, and lately every time I use it my hair goes all floaty like a balloon has been rubbed on it, which isn’t easy to fix when you’re about to leave the house.



18 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WISDOM

  1. 😂😂 You ALWAYS make me laugh with this segment! It’s such a lovely and lighthearted read. I agree with the movie bit lol that’s happened to me before. And the polish nail thing was absolutely awful and scrawled my skin tbh. Thanks as always for your Wednesday Wisdom ☺️☺️

    xx Lena |

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