Very British Problems: Most Relatable

I’ve found that the funniest things are the most relatable things. That is something I felt while reading one of the funniest books ever and spending half the time nodding at what was written. I’m talking about Rob Temple’s Very British Problem’s which lists all the awkward, embarrassing, humiliating things that we brits do, referring […]

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Hi you’ve reached Wednesday Wisdom, available for all matter of Wednesday and wisdom related services. Maybe I should go into customer services? Anyway lets go: are there some people who are just immune to cold? Throughout December and January with it being as low as -1, there is someone living in the house opposite me […]


Avocado Face Masks

Today’s post is about something that I love to do. Something that makes a Sunday afternoon at home feel like a spa day. That something is homemade avocado face masks. Avocado is an amazing natural product and helps retain the natural moisture level of skin and works for both dry and oily, and it’s incredibly […]

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Monday oneday, Tuesday twoday, Wednesday when huh what day? Sorry i’ve watching too much Friends lately. Anyway here’s Wednesday Wisdom!!! Ok let’s kick this off: if you ever meet someone new and things are a little awkward to begin with, here’s a great ice breaker: “So that jaffa cake biscuit or cake debate was a […]


Going to a concert by myself

Last October I saw Banks and it was incredible. My feet hurt like hell and I was so hungry, but when she came out I never wanted it to end. For those who don’t know Banks she’s an American singer of alternative R&B and Electropop and one of my favourites. When I saw she was […]

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New Year Wednesday Wisdom

Exciting times people. It’s the very first post of 2018! It’s only three days into the new year and so far Friends has been added on Netflix, I managed to purchase the very last of an item in the online sales and I found a packet of Oreos I didn’t know I had so not […]

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2017 That’s a wrap

Well what do you know. In two days we’ll be in another whole year. Another set of calendars and portable diaries, all kicking off with evenings of too much champagne, met the following morning with hangovers and lists of extravagant resolutions that deep down we know will not be happening. For me 2017 was a […]

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Christmas Wednesday Wisdom

Yep I know it’s Wednesday and it’s also 5 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! It seems only yesterday I was annoying people by playing Christmas songs two months early. Anyway, here is Christmas Wednesday Wisdom So this year we were blessed with snow! For me it was both a blessing and a curse; a blessing as it […]

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The Best Christmas Adverts

Ok people. Christmas is in TEN days. I’ve got loads of actual work to do but that will have to wait because right now I have presents to wrap and mulled wine to make. Plus I’ve spent hours searching through the TV guide to see what festive movies they’re showing. Also there’s been snow! I […]

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Huh it’s Wednesday, feel like there’s something I’m meant to do….. Oh Yeah!!! It’s Wednesday Wisdom!!!!! So todays Wednesday wisdom: If you want to be an astronaut, don’t watch Gravity. If you want to go scuba diving, don’t watch The Reef. If you want to eat fortune cookies, don’t watch Freaky Friday. Slippers have become […]