Wednesday Wisdom Takes Twitter

Ok so for this Wednesday Wisdom I decided to look in the wonderous washing machine universe of twitter and take wisdom from all the many humble tweeters. Here’s what I found: “Hedgehogs have huge territories, so providing a hedgehog fence really helps this struggling species.” It will also help any struggling burglars looking for sneaky […]

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Hello Wednesday. I don’t mean Addams, I mean it’s Wednesday Wisdom and I’m listening to The Bangles… Ok here we go: Being really cold is better than being really hot. When you’re cold you feel like chilled peas but when you’re hot you feel like a roasting fajita. Don’t know about you but I’d rather […]


Years to gap

Given that I’m an adult and have to be responsible all of a sudden, I keep getting asked the simple easy question “So what are you going to do after uni?” Yeah it’s a lot and no it’s not simple or easy. I barely know what I’m having for dinner next week let alone what […]

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Hey it’s Wednesday. You know what that means? IIIIITTTTTT’’’’’SSSSS WEDNESDAY WISDOM!!! So Wednesday wisdom: If you don’t like your voice, which I don’t, just record everything you say behind one of snapchat’s voice changers because suddenly everything you say sounds cute. Ok I have had a song stuck in my head all day. I don’t […]


Soundtracks For The Soul

Today’s delightful slice of blog loaf is flavoured with a little thing called music. I think we can agree it’s the most popular thing in the world. Something that causes me to lose chunks of money when new albums come out. What keeps me in the car for an extra minute to finish a song […]

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  Everybody loves Wednesday. Now Wednesday may be a hard day to love because it’s slap bang in the middle of the week with two whole days on either side, but without Wednesday there would be no Wednesday wisdom!!! Each Wednesday wisdom is dedicated to the amazing Joey King who graced us with her snapchat […]


Loud and long and clear

The other day I laughed for 5 minutes after remembering something my brother said ten years ago. Anyway, hi. So I’ve been told a few times that I have a weird sense of humour which I’ve accepted. When it comes to laughing, I’m usually the one who ends up descending into giggles until I can’t […]

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